Salesforce Admin Starter Kit

The Salesforce Admin Starter Kit is an unmanaged installable package for Salesforce that contains a variety of items great for any newly created Salesforce org.

Designed for any small business or start-up that recently took the plunge and got Salesforce and wants to get their org up and running with some basic workflows, email templates, and page layouts. The package is worth an equivalent of 25-30 Salesforce Admin hours.


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The package includes:

  • Lightning Record Page Layouts
  • Detail Page Layouts
  • Email Templates
  • Workflow Rules
  • Validation Rules
  • Permission Sets
  • List Views
  • Lightning Custom App

Cost: $49.99

The package is designed with Lightning in mind but can be installed into a Classic org. The Admin Starter Kit is designed for someone was some basic admin knowledge (e.g. how to make changes to a Profile) and has access to installing a package as well as access to Setup.

This package will not work in an Essential or Professional level Salesforce org.

How does it work?

After you have purchased the product you will receive an email with a PDF file, as well as a password for accessing the application. Just follow the instructions provided in the PDF file and you will be good to go! Of course, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out at

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This product is a digital product designed for the purpose of installing it into Salesforce. SF9to5 is not responsible for any changes that occur as a result of the installation.


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