Open Source Salesforce Tools

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Case URL Scanner
Scans newly created cases for malicious URLs using VirusTotal. Intended to be used when Email To Case is enabled in your organization.
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Audit Log Scanner
Scans the Salesforce Audit Trail records based on a certain set of criteria and when something is matched, it sends an email with the details.
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Address Normalizer
A collection of APEX classes that work with the Google Maps API to help normalize the billing address in Salesforce.
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Mass Attachments Download
A small Python utility to mass download attachments from Salesforce. Can download all or just attachments on Accounts. Supports filtering based on keywords.
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Workflow Filter
Python utility to extend workflow rules filtering options. Lets Admins filter Workflow rules by Object, Trigger Type, and Action Type.
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Mass Reports Mover
Python utility to help mass migrate a list of reports to a specified folder.
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