How to make a Subscription not prorate

Many folks would love for Salesforce to enable the ability to turn off the prorate functionality for Subscription products. Unfortunately, Salesforce has tied the proration aspect to the ability to create a Subscription/Contract Line Item, which prevents users from having an easy way to have a subscription line with a set price regardless of term. … Continue reading How to make a Subscription not prorate

Introduction To Salesforce OmniStudio

Salesforce's OmniStudio is a suite of tools designed to allow you to assemble your business processes quicker and easier. This can include and is not limited to Pricing Quotes in the Telco Industry, License & Permit Management in the Public Sector, or Applications & Admissions in the Education Sector. OmniStudio includes a drag-and-drop interface for … Continue reading Introduction To Salesforce OmniStudio

Introduction To Salesforce Industries

Salesforce Industries provides software solutions for business process implementations that are tailored to a specific industry. Industries CPQ uses OmniStudio to create the order flow and the shopping cart to configure quotes and orders. Because of the demand for Salesforce Industries implementations, starting a consulting firm dedicated to this could be a profitable business idea.  … Continue reading Introduction To Salesforce Industries

What to consider when moving Legacy Data into CPQ?

The audience for this post is those who are moving or doing one of the following: Moving into Salesforce CPQ from a third-party toolTransitioning from standard Salesforce Quotes to CPQCompleting an implementation of CPQ, where previously Amendments/Renewals were not correctly in use This article does not account for any data related to the Salesforce Billing … Continue reading What to consider when moving Legacy Data into CPQ?

How to fix incorrect MDQ Unit Price?

If you have MDQ turned on and are also using the pricing setting on the Product Option record, the following issue has likely happened to you. Unfortunately, the documentation from Salesforce for resolving this is buried, so hopefully, this will provide some assistance. Suppose that you de-segment a product option and then resegment it. The … Continue reading How to fix incorrect MDQ Unit Price?