Benefits of CPQ Amendments and Renewals

Many of the Salesforce instances I work with have employed CPQ Amendments and Renewals and are experiencing the benefits of features that Salesforce provides out of the box. To learn about how to use Amendments and Renewals, please check out these two posts: Opportunity Renewal CreationAmendments and Renewal Quotes On the flip side, many have … Continue reading Benefits of CPQ Amendments and Renewals

Merging Organizations in NPSP

I have recently been volunteering for a Non-Profit organization to gain experience, specifically with the Non-Profit Success Pack/Cloud (NPSP) from Salesforce. Recently, one of the requests was to merge an Organization. Our initial thinking was to use the Manage Households button; however, I quickly learned that this only works for the Household Account Record Type … Continue reading Merging Organizations in NPSP

How to Add an Audience in Experience Builder

A while ago, Salesforce introduced Audiences as a mechanism to help make the community experience more dynamic based on different factors that the user had - for example, their location or details from a specific field in their user record. In the Winter '21 release, Salesforce expanded Audiences' capabilities and introduced the ability to use … Continue reading How to Add an Audience in Experience Builder