Using Process Builder for Cross-Object field update

Say you have a university who is tracking the possible professors up for tenure. They have a Shortlist (object 1) and their Final Selection list (object 2). Both lists are maintained on an annual basis (1 year = 1 opportunity). The university likes to be able to look back at the shortlist to quickly see who was selected from it.

The question to solve is how do you quickly and automatically see this?

To solve this use case I used a checkbox field on the Shortlist that is automatically marked as TRUE when a professor from that list is added to the Final Selection list. This automation happens via the Process Builder.

Below you will find the steps I took using the Process Builder to make this happen.

First things first, you will need to create a checkbox field on Shortlist called “Selected as Final”. Preferably you will make this field read-only to everyone that isn’t the admin.

Shortlist view

The next steps are all going to take place within the Process Builder. To get there, go to Setup -> type in “Process Builder” in the search bar -> a new lightning page will launch with the Process Builder.

How to create the Process Flow:

  1. Fill out the name and description of the business process.New Process screen 1
  2. Select your Primary Object. In our case, this will be Final SelectionSelect either on record creation or record creation and edit based on your use case.
  3. Next, define criteria for when to start this process. In my use case I do not have any criteria so I will select just “No criteria—just execute the actions!” and give the criteria the name New Selection Made.
  4. Now for the most important step:  filling out the Immediate Actions section
    1. Since we are updating a field, we will need to select Update RecordUpdate Record
    2. Give the Action Name whatever you feel is accurate
    3. Record type will prompt you with another pop-up. You will want to select a related record, this way you have access to the Shortlist object.
      Select Record to Update
    4. The criteria for updating the record will need to be setup to compare the Professor field on Shortlist to the Professor on the Final Selection list.Conditions and Values
    5. Lastly, you will need to set what field to be updated and with which value. In our case, it is the Selected as Final field with a value of True.
  5. Click Save and then Activate and you are all set!Final Product

Now, when you add a new Item to the Final Selection object, the “Selected as Final” checkbox will auto-populate.

Final Product gif

If you are interested in learning more about Process Builder make sure to check out the Trailhead project “Quick Start: Lightning Process Builder“.

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