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This post is a long time coming and I don’t mean because I am 2 months behind the release (plus some additional time due to Trailhead Tracker being buggy). Back when I started as an admin I was tasked with figuring out how to provide a Salesforce 101 training to my end users. I was already obsessed with Trailhead and it’s wondrous ways of teaching that I wanted to be able to utilize that to its fullest potential for training.

However, at the time I was tasked with this, Trailhead required a Dev account and was inaccessible via a company’s Production org. As a result, I ended up creating my own training 101 utilizing a sandbox and a word doc with specific Trailhead links. (If you want to learn more about that you can check out my blog post on Training your employees with Trailhead).

I had spoken with Salesforce back then and they had told me no one had asked for such a thing, which completely shocked me as I was thinking why wouldn’t Admins want to use Trailhead to train? Well, clearly there was some miscommunication because here we are around a year later and FINALLY Salesforce has a tool that allows users to connect to Trailhead via their Production org.

The tool is called Trailhead Tracker and its concept is so simple yet so glamorous. It’s installed package designed primarily around allowing you, the admin, to track your users’ progress in Trailhead. The feature I love most though is that you can assign users specific trails. I don’t know about you, but the number of places to explore in Trailhead can get overwhelming and that is definitely not a feeling your users should have.

Trailhead Tracker also comes with pre-built reporting and dashboards, so as soon as you install and your users start completing trails you are off to the races.

Trailhead Dashboard

Anyway, thank you Salesforce for fulfilling a request I so very much wanted!

P.S. One caveat to point out in regards to setup and synchronization – Salesforce and Trailhead will only sync ONCE a day. Make sure to check out the setup instructions found here.


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