The Classic Side of Summer ’18

With every passing release, Salesforce produces fewer and fewer features that are beneficial for the Classic users. Instead, they focus primarily on new features just for Lightning. Since I know that many companies out there are still using Classic and are not ready yet to move to Lightning, I’d like to call out the changes that Classic folks can look forward to in the Summer ’18 release.

  1. Updated File Previews – with this release Classic users will get an improved preview of their Files in Salesforce.
  2. Contacts to Multiple Accounts – a feature that came out a few releases back was the ability to associate a single contact with multiple accounts. In the Summer ’18 release, Salesforce has added some functionality to help during the conversion process. Now users will be able to map to an existing account or create an account relationship.
  3. Merging Leads Permission – Finally getting separated out in the Org Wide setting on Leads, is the ability to better control who can delete and merge Leads.
  4. Better Flow Errors – Have you ever received one of those beta emails that say a flow has failed, but you have no idea in which Org? Well, in Summer ’18 you can finally say goodbye to that. Salesforce has introduced an extra line in the email that tells you the Org ID for which the flow failed.
  5. View Standard Permission Set Details – Previously if you looked at a permission set that was Standard to Salesforce you could not see the object level details. This block will be removed with the new release allowing you to see more specifically what those permission sets do.

A couple other little notes to call out. Email Templates are now called Classic Email Templates and if you have Lightning turned on for any users, they can now expect to be switched over to Lightning once a week as a sort of reminder. If you have users that have the functionality but don’t regularly use it, let them know it’s coming.


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