My DevAdmin ToolKit

Throughout my Salesforce career and this blog, I’ve been exposed to and reviewed a bunch of tools. Below is a list of my favorite tools to work with. Some are explicitly Salesforce, others just make my life easier when it comes to doing my Salesforce job.

Tools for Admin work – a website full of wonderful goodies, including ways to make lots of fields quickly. All these tools are free. – this is an open source tool that if you know a bit of python and CLI can get you a long way when it comes to handling duplicates record in your system.

Dupe Eliminator – A free tool from Salesforce labs, that lets you merge records of pretty much any object inside Salesforce.

Trailhead Tracker – Perfect for the person in charge of Sales Enablement. Keep track of your users progress with Salesforce and design specific Trailmixes to get them up to speed quickly.

Rollup Helper – Salesforce Rollup Summary fields have limitations out the wazoo. Use this tool to get around those pesky limitations. First three fields are free!

Mass Reports Mover – Created by yours truly, this python tool helps you move reports from all different folders into a new folder. Great for archiving old, unused reports.

Tools for Development work

Sublime – My choice of editor, coupled with the next tool, and I have my dream pairing for coding. I’m not in the DX stage yet.

MavensMate – While no longer being maintained, this is still a great and simple tool that works with Sublime to allow you to view and modify your APEX code in a snap.

SnapShot – Probably my favorite tool of all. I use this for moving metadata from point A to point B – NO CHANGE SETS!!! This is not a free tool, but if you have the budget it is really worth it.

Workbench – Another free tool that can do a whole lot of things. My favorite use for it is to run SOQL queries on inaccessible data in SFDC and for testing API queries.

Metaforce – This is a chrome plugin that helps you search your Salesforce regardless of the page you are on. It also has a code editor that is not too shabby.

Salesforce Advance Code Search – Best tool I have found for searching inside classes. Type your word, click search, and viola you have found what you are looking for!

Tools that Salesforce made

Duplicate Jobs – Only for Unlimited and Performace level Salesforce Editions. If you happen to qualify, this is an awesome tool for finding duplicates inside your instance.

Optimizer – The best way to run a high-level audit of your system. Provided by Salesforce, it gives you all sorts of details about how your Salesforce is being utilized and what could be better.

Health Check – Similar to Optimizer, but this time for the security of your system. This is a good one to run periodically.

Anything Salesforce Labs – just a general statement, if it comes from Salesforce Labs, you can likely find a good use for it.

Other tools I like to use

XLConnector (Enabler4Excel) – This tool is only good if you have a Windows machine. They do have a Mac version but I find right now it is highly limited in comparison to the Windows version. This tool is great for uploading, deleting, and updating large amounts of data. Can also be used for mass merging and pull data from Salesforce.

Provar – While costly, and time-consuming, if you are in a big org with a lot of complexities, this tool will likely save you lots of time with regards to testing.

Snagit – For everything documentation, including all of the images you see on my site, this is my go-to tool for screen grabbing, editing, and video grabbing. This one is not free, but it is on the cheap side of things.

Most of these tools are things I have reviewed and found great to use over my Salesforce career. Feel free to share yours in the comments below.


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