January ’19: Lookback at Salesforce

Here is a quick look back of what happened in the month throughout the Salesforce community. I search Twitter and various Blogs to see some of the interesting news that comes out each month.

What I’ve Learned as a Salesforce Consultant

Brent Downey from Admin Hero brought us a very comprehensive article about the transition of going from Admin to Consultant. Having recently gone through this myself I think this article is spot on. If you are on the consulting journey, I highly recommend this.

The Basics of Preparing for a Salesforce Data Migration

Maria Benavent wrote this wonderful article on SalesforceBen about the prep required to do a successful data migration. Unlike metadata movements, which can be done with changeset or other 3rd party tools, moving data can be more tricky. This article is great for anyone needing to do a large move of data from instance to another.

Spring into Top Ten Gems of Salesforce Lightning Experience Spring19 Release!

In contrast to my post about the Classic Side of Spring 19, here is a list of some cool new features coming out specifically for Lightning in this release. Thanks to Rakesh Gupta for this collection.

Salesforce: Share Multiple Files in a Folder Using Public Links

Here is a quick How-To in order to share your files with people outside of your Salesforce Org.

SFDC99 Final Project Challenge!

As you may know from other articles on my site SFDC99, otherwise known as David Lu, has a whole course for learning APEX. Well, now he has added a final real-world style challenge to top it all off. If you are looking to flex your skills or see how your progress is going, I highly encourage this to anyone working towards their platform developer 1 certification.

So this is awesome, thank you, Bob Buzzard, for bringing it to our attention. There is a new Aura Component that you can use to tell the user anytime there are unsaved changes on the page so that they don’t lose valuable information or time. If you know what you are doing with Lightning Components, take a look at this!

Top 5 Ways to Boost Productivity in Salesforce Service Cloud

If you are new to ServiceCloud or trying to find ways to improve the Service/Support side of the house, I recommend taking a look at this. Internet Creations does a good job of calling out some top issues and presenting multiple options both Salesforce and 3rd party integrations to solve them.

Trailhead – Free Certification Prep Webinars (Jan-Feb 2019)!

Thank you SFDC FanBoy for keeping us in the loop. If you are looking to take an exam from Salesforce in the near feature, check this out to see if there is a prep you can virtually attend!

Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land Community Flow

While I clicked this article thinking I was getting something Disney related (besides being a Salesforce Geek, I am also a Disney Geek) from SFDC Weekly, in the end, I learned how to do more things without code. This is a really good example of there is more than one way to do things and thinking outside of the box is a good thing. Check this out to learn how to make Community threads more readable.

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