My top Winter ’20 Release picks

Here is a quick overview of the things I found most interesting coming in the Winter ’20 release.

  1. Lightning is getting turned on for everyone that is using the standard profile or custom profiles that have the Lightning Enabled setting turned on
  2. New Mobile App on October 14th – time for the Mobile App to really sync with the Desktop App
  3. Recycling Bin for Lightning is finally here!
  4. Mass actions can now be performed on search results inside of a Listview – great for reducing the number of clicks!
  5. List view in Lightning are now printable – great for exporting to PDF for someone external to review the information without creating a report
  6. Opportunity Contact Roles and Account Teams get a lot more flexible with customization now allowed
  7. Quote Lines and Opportunity Products can be finally be sorted any which way you want – just drag and drop!
  8. Pricebook Entries now support Audit trails and Field history tracking – run reports on what has been changed when and by whom
  9. Related Contacts related lists finally get the Edit link next to each record – no more clicking into the record to make changes
  10. Ability to control the visibility of Case Feed items in Lightning like you could in Classic – control Private vs Public based on each item
  11. Tabs and Accordion components can now be added to the Home Page
  12. Better object limit breakdown on the System Overview page – shows custom vs managed objects
  13. Durable Caching being added to Record pages – this means that when you, the admin, make changes to a record page, it will take 15 minutes for you to see the change and an hour for your users to see the change
  14. Update to the DATEVALUE() function to handle Daylight Savings
  15. GA: “Where is this Used” button on fields 🙂
  16. In Beta: Permission Set Groups – have a set of Permission Sets that all go together? Now you can group them and just assign the group

Thinking about moving to Lightning? Don’t know where to start? Check out my free Lightning Reference Guide!

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