My Summer ’20 Favorites

The Summer ’20 release did get pushed out this year due to Covid-19, however, we are finally in those initial phases where we get to see from the release notes what is coming out and potentially play with using a Salesforce Preview Org. I am going to share my favorite release items and let you know which to expect more details on in the future (once my dev org gets updated).

  1. Dynamic Forms – touted at Dreamforce 2019 was the upcoming Dynamic forms, which will allow us to move away from needing to keep the Page Detail and Lightning Record pages up to date and let us just add fields directly to the Lightning Record page. I will say this is still in Beta AND is only available for custom objects right now. Definitely, more on this to come.
  2. Split View without Console – One of my favorite things about the console setup has always been the ability to split the screen between the list view and the record itself, allowing the rep faster maneuverability. Now with this release, having the app set up as a Console is no longer required to get this feature.
  3. Salesforce on the iPad – not sure about you but I love to use my iPad for most of my day-to-day things so not being able to properly use in Lightning has been slightly annoying. Luckily, with this release, Salesforce for iPad is now GA as long as you use Safari.
  4. Optimizer gets its own app – The Optimizer report has been in need of a refresh and I am happy with Salesforce’s approach of making it its own app. It has a lot more information and I think provides more granularity that has been needed. Stay tuned for a post on this.
  5. More steps in In-App Guidance – Recently delivered by Salesforce was the ability to add in-app guidance but it had limited flexibility. With this release, we are going to have more places to put the information as well as the ability to have more steps. I should an article on this soon. Please note that the Walkthroughs specifically will require MyTrailhead licenses if you decide they are right for you.
  6. Path functionality on the Kanban view – if you have ever thought, it would be nice to be able to see my guidance and key fields directly from the Kanban board, well now your wish has come true. Once you have path enabled and the various steps completed, users will be able to see that information directly from the list view when in Kanban mode.
  7. Adjust column sizes in QLE – well that sounds straightforward, doesn’t it? You would have thought that always existed, but sadly it did not. Fortunately, with this new release, we can finally adjust those pesky column widths.
  8. Choosing to bypass Preserve Bundle Structure on Amendments – I have this on my list because I am thoroughly intrigued by what flexibility this is going to provide for the Amendment process, but also cautious because this does sound like it could also break a lot of things. Do expect a post on this, once one of my CPQ dev orgs moves to Summer ’20.

Well, that wraps up my list for this Summer ’20 release. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments.

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