Winter ’21 Release

Here are the random collection of items that I thought to be of interest that are coming out in the Winter ’21 release this month.

  1. Optimizer can now be scheduled to run on its own, so you can easily stay up to date without waiting.
  2. Salesforce decided that the recycling bin no longer needed to be searchable, but they leave us with sort and filter options.
  3. Opportunity Forecasts now support inline edit-ability!
  4. In CPQ, you can now create dynamic Quote Headers – FINALLLY!!!! There will be a more detailed blog post on this soon.
  5. In CPQ+ you will be able to have Quotes that do not have Opportunities associated to them and still create Orders from them.
  6. There is a new Product Recommendation Plugin – it does have to be custom built, but this sounds like a good route. More on this to come.
  7. For the Billing package, you will be able to create standalone Orders that are not connected to a Quote or Opportunity.
  8. Billing now includes Asset Lifecycle Management, which makes it easy to see and assess what Assets a customer has over their entire course of being a customer.
  9. Winter ’21 and onwards, Lightning Sync will no longer be available in new orgs. It is being replaced with Einstein Activity Capture, which Salesforce says provide more flexibility to users. Watch for a post on this soon.
  10. As of Winter ’21 Community Cloud has a new name and its Experience Cloud.
  11. In Community Cloud you will now be able to make page detail information dynamic based on who is viewing based on record detail information.
  12. There were many Guest Security features added or changed – make sure to take a look for yourself.
  13. Any place two factor authentication was labeled is now referred to as Multi-Factor Authentication.
  14. Community Cloud Multi-Factor Authentication now supports SMS.
  15. Dynamic Forms is now GA, but still only for Custom Objects.
  16. Dynamic Actions is in beta for Standard Objects – Yippee! Control over buttons woohooo!
  17. As of Winter ’22 (not a typo) all orgs must have MyDomain turned on and any newly created org post Winter ’21 will have one by default.

Let me know if you think I missed something that you thought was interesting down in the comments!

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