Spring ’21 Release – My Highlights

The Spring ’21 Salesforce Release is just jam-packed full of new features that it was hard for me to pick the ones I found most interesting. But nonetheless, I read through all of the notes, and below are my top 20 picks.

One quick thing I did want to call out is that Salesforce has moved their release notes to their standard documentation hub to provide a more cohesive viewing and searching experience.

  1. Recently Viewed List Views get an upgrade with the ability to add customize the actions
  2. MyTrailhead gets several new features, including Additional Step types for In-App Guidance and bringing the MyTrailhead and Trailhead platform into Salesforce
  3. Einstein Bots were featured heavily in this release, and I found the addition of Error Handling, as well as the ability for the Bot to be able to read a Salesforce record, very helpful
  4. Continuing in the Einstein category, Article Recommendation got an upgrade, where Einstein can now assist you with understanding the quality of the data you are putting in with a Model Scorecard
  5. Another useful Einstein Service feature is the addition of the Voice Wrap Up (which is currently in Pilot) to help reps fill out the fields more quickly after a call has completed
  6. Service Setup Assistant is getting a boost in this new release
  7. If you include a Knowledge Article in an email and that article contains a file, the file will now properly tag along on the email
  8. Finally, Salesforce is allowing us to modify the default No-Reply to Email Address
  9. If you are a small org and were unable to previous use Einstein for Opportunity Scoring due to not having enough data points, you may be in luck as the number has been removed as Salesforce is now employing a global data model until your system has enough data for it to siloed to its own data
  10. Opportunity Products gets an upgrade where we can now add related lists to it!
  11. If you are a marketer focused on ABM marketing, then you may like the fact that Salesforce has Account Campaign Members now in Beta
  12. The Activity Feed will now indicate if an email has had a soft bounce instead of a hard bounce
  13. Lightning Email Templates can now be deployed in change sets AND be used in all automation, including Email Alerts (Hallelujah!)
  14. We got an added bonus on the Lightning Email Templates, where sections can now be cloned instead of rebuilt
  15. In the Lightning Report Builder, we can now drag and drop multiple fields at once
  16. We will be able to save Dashboard results with filters applied
  17. Standard External Profiles will no longer have access to Community Cloud
  18. Requesting a password change will now send out two emails, one to the old and one to the new email address
  19. MFA Assistant is getting a boost with a free webinar to provide additional training
  20. You can now customize fields that are synced for Contacts and Events in the Einstein Activity Capture

Being Retired

  1. Lightning Sync (Google and Microsoft) can no longer be purchased after Winter ’21 – moving to Einstein Activity Capture
  2. Legacy Version of Inbox for Chrome Extension and Inbox Outlook Add-In are being retired March 31, 2021
  3. Salesforce for Outlook is being retired between June 2021 and 2023
  4. Microsoft Basic Authentication is being retired in the second half of 2021

Name Changes

  1. Einstein Analytics is now Tableau CRM
  2. Community Cloud is now Experience Cloud

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