Summer ’21 Release – My highlights

This post is going out a little late, as by the time you are reading it, Summer ’21 has already hit the shelves. However, I still want to call out what I found interesting from this newest release.

  • MFA is coming whether we want it or not – make sure to read through this future release statement.
  • Lightning Usage app is getting another feature – Active Licenses – nifty!
  • Topics are coming to Lightning, previously only Classic could users tag Topics to records, now they can in Lightning too!
  • A re-release of being able to add Custom Actions to the Recently Viewed List View! Hopefully, this time it isn’t too good to be true.
  • If you have MyTrailhead, you can now add due dates to the items in the learning path, helping users stay on track with what needs to be done when.
  • Also, now available for MyTrailhead is the ability to add things like custom videos and other external links to provide more materials to your users.
  • I am super stoked about this, we all now get three free custom walkthroughs for In-App Guidance!
  • A new Prompt type has been introduced, using specific targets on the page – still in Beta for Summer ’21.
  • Thankfully, an update that allows users to have less permissions, this one allows the folks who need to update/create In-App Guidance to do without Modify Metadata permissions.
  • Another update to Lightning that previously was only in Classic, the ability to see why a User has access to a record.
  • A new forming of sharing rules is coming, Restriction Rules, which are designed to lay on top of what already exists, adding more layers of protection – still in Beta for Summer ’21.
  • Finally, the ability to set default values for dependent pick-lists.
  • If you use split mode a lot, you will like this update – the ability to have Mass Actions available right from the Split View, no new tab or window required.
  • For those Experience Users out there, you will like this update – the ability to brand and customize the Service Not Available Page.
  • Another Experience addition, the ability to redirect users to an Experience page from a non-Salesforce URL.
  • Build Your Own (LWR) is now available to everyone, no CMS license purchase required.
  • Supposedly we are getting performance updates to CPQ but it is going to have impacts potentially on how things look and feel – expect a post on this in the near future.
  • Case Email notifications can finally come from someone that isn’t
  • Honestly, this last one makes me sad, and I hope Salesforce decides to cancel it – they are removing the Ref ID for email threading and now only referencing something in the email header – good luck to us all!

That concludes my findings for this release! Leave your favorites in the comments.

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