Spring ’22 Release Notes Favorites

Here are my favorites from the Salesforce Spring ’22 Release


Built-In Authenticators are now available including Touch and Face ID.

SSO into Salesforce via Slack!

Scoping Rules are becoming Generally Available

Use Picklists to control Scoping Rules

Speedier CPQ, or so I hope

A billing fix related to Crediting Invoices

Org wide settings and Sharing Rules for Products!

Lots of Collaborative Forecast updates – yay, this tool needed it!

  1. Updated setup wizard
  2. See Quota and Pipeline gaps
  3. See week over week changes by Forecast Category
  4. The ability to include/exclude Opportunity Record Types from Forecasting


  1. Convert Workflow Rules to Flows
  2. Some UI changes for building out a Screen Flow
  3. Order your flows!! Now you will know which order they go in!
  4. See all of your flows for a single object and the order that they go in
  5. Connect for-loop elements to elements outside of the loop

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