Introduction To Salesforce OmniStudio

Salesforce’s OmniStudio is a suite of tools designed to allow you to assemble your business processes quicker and easier. This can include and is not limited to Pricing Quotes in the Telco Industry, License & Permit Management in the Public Sector, or Applications & Admissions in the Education Sector.

OmniStudio includes a drag-and-drop interface for creating processes, as well as a library of pre-built components that you can use to get started quickly. It also integrates with Salesforce’s CRM platform, making it easy to manage your processes from within the Salesforce interface.

The four main components of OmniStudio are FlexCards. DataRaptors, Integration Procedures, and OmniScripts. 

1. DataRaptors 

DataRaptors can be used to extract and transform data from within your salesforce environment. They can be used standalone or in combination with an Integration Procedure. For smaller amounts of data, DataRaptors will be quicker than using an Integration Procedure. 

2. FlexCards

Salesforce FlexCards are used as UI templates which are easily customizable using point and click. You can hook your integration procedures and DataRaptors up to your FlexCards in order to display and capture information during the business process. 

This allows for a more efficient way of handling data and eliminates the need for complex coding. In addition, FlexCards are automatically responsive and conform to various device sizes. This makes them an ideal solution for companies that want to provide a consistent and seamless experience across all devices. 

3. Integration Procedures

Integration Procedures connect your Salesforce CRM with SFDC data and other third-party applications. This allows you to sync data between SFDC and external platforms, making it easier to manage customer information in one place and facilitating the customer 360 experience.  

4. OmniScripts

OmniScripts are a series of steps combined of FlexCards, DataRaptors, and Integration Procedures.

By using OmniScripts in Industries CPQ, redundancy, human error, and the amount of time it takes to capture an order is dramatically reduced. As a result, it allows sales reps to focus on selling.

OmniScripts are a critical part of Industries CPQ, and are essential for any organization that wants to streamline their industry-specific sales process.

Wrap Up

To rapidly develop the order flow process in Salesforce Industries you can use OmniStudio.

Salesforce’s OmniStudio is a suite of tools that lets you quickly and efficiently assemble your business processes for a specific Industry. The four main components of OmniStudio are FlexCards, DataRaptors, Integration Procedures, and OmniScripts. 

Author Bio 

Julian Lankstead is a Salesforce Consultant and the Founder of He helps businesses increase revenue by providing strategies to improve business process efficiency. You can connect with him here.

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