Review: Apex Academy Part 2

I am finally back with part 2 of my review of David Liu’s Apex Academy. I had to take some time off before completing it due to other Salesforce items becoming a higher priority on my to-do list (see What I learned merging 2 Instances if you would like to know more).

The second course is about 3 hours long and took me about a month to complete. This course, in my opinion, takes more focus and time than the first course due to the material complexity and foundational importance of the topics covered.

The topics included in this course are:

  • Variable and Collections
  • IF Statements
  • Dot Notation
  • For Loops
  • DML Overview

These concepts are critical for being able to code in just about any language and provide the necessary building blocks to being able to create any APEX class or trigger you will need in the future. David does a very good job of providing demos as he goes through each of these topics. Doing them side-by-side with him helped me to better grasp the concepts and to be able to apply them on their own.

Once you have the demos down, you are then ready to move into the most exciting portion of the course, the challenges! As part of the APEX Academy, for every demo he provides in the latter half of the course, David gives you challenges to extend upon the demo and give you a chance to test your brain muscles out. The challenges definitely helped me feel more confident in my ability to create something on my own in APEX.

In addition, the course also covers test classes for both of the demos. I found this section of the course to be one of the best sections because of the way he teaches you to create the test class. His methodology makes what can seem like a daunting challenge, a much more feasible one, regardless of the trigger or class size.

The course ends with a series of homework assignments, which are highly recommended to be completed before moving on to Part 3, making sure you have the material down pat.

Overall, this was a great course and one that I may go back and rewatch sections of as refreshers throughout my career.

Keep a lookout for a Part 3 review on SOQL from Apex Academy and for those who haven’t seen it, check out my Part 1 review of the Apex Academy.

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