Kickstart your Lightning Experience with the Lightning Accelerator

The Lightning Experience Accelerator is one of the many accelerators offered by Salesforce. This particular one is designed for any company looking to get started using Lightning within their organization. It is quite ideal especially for those who have had limited Lightning exposure or knowledge.

The Accelerator follows a similar pattern to many of the other accelerators. It starts off with a 30-minute call, followed by two 1.5 hour sessions. The Lightning Experience Accelerator does suggest some homework beforehand -which is the Migrating to Lightning Experience Trail from Trailhead – which I highly recommend. While going through all of it is not necessary by any means to be able to participate in the conversations that will take place, it will for sure help get you on the right footing for moving your company over to the new interface.

The first call takes you through the agenda of the second and third calls, as well as, assess the goals you have for the accelerator. In my case, the goals included seeing an extensive demo and going through the Readiness Assessment provided by Salesforce to see what would be required to move to Lightning.

The person who led my accelerator was very knowledgeable and accommodating throughout the accelerator. She made sure to cover all of the different aspects that make Lightning the unique experience that is in the first of the two longer calls. She went through Kanban, different aspects of the Homepage, Lightning Sales Console (which was one of the coolest features I thought) and much much more. On the second (or the last call) she went over some technical admin aspects, like how to create a record layout (which is different from a page layout), how to create a Lightning Component, and how to create an App page.

Throughout the calls, if I ever had any questions or wanted information that couldn’t be provided on spot, I always got the details I needed after the meetings, in a very prompt manner. The number of resources that were provided to me during this accelerator is bountiful and absolutely invaluable for me and my team.

While I still have a long road ahead of me for migrating over to Lightning, I feel much more prepared and confident to take the next step (and now know what the next steps should be) to go forth on the journey to Lightning.


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