How to declutter your fields using SNAPSHOT

Part 2 – Analysing if a field is on a layout

In this part, we are going to pull another report and use it in conjunction with the report from Part 1 to get a more defined view of how fields are being used.


To do this, we are going to right click on the SnapShot and then select
Fields vs. Page Layout. This report gives us the fields per layout and tells us what type of permissions each field has on that particular layout.



Similar to the previous report, we select the Object that we want to review and then click Next.


In this view, you can right click on the report and click Export As CSV. One note to make is that I have marked the Hide Empty Rows and Hide Empty Columns at the top of the report. Doing so removes those fields that are not on any layout.


Once in Excel, we can do some manipulations to determine how many layouts a field is on. These changes are an essential first step to combining this with our previously downloaded report (from Part 1).

To do the summation, I used a Pivot Table to get a count of page layouts per field. To get more information on how to do a Pivot Table, please check out my Excel post.


The last column in the above image shows the Count of Layouts per field.

We can now do a VLOOKUP from the original report to this Layouts per field report, to display side by side the number of layouts a field is on, next to the frequency of the field usage.


Column L (blue) represents the VLOOKUP formula I did to pull in the Count of Layouts per field. Those rows with a number in Column L, but with a low volume of usage (e.g. row 3) could potentially be eating up valuable real estate on the layout. Consider removing these fields from the user’s view, if you are not able to delete them.

In the same Column, there are several custom fields that are not on any layout (represented by #N/A), consider looking into these for deletion. Continue to Part 3 to learn how to know if the fields are used anywhere else in Salesforce.

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