How to declutter your fields using SNAPSHOT

Part 3 – Checking to see if a field is used somewhere

To begin, right-click on the SnapShot and select View Assets. Before going further, if you care that a field is used in a report and you did not include reports or dashboards in your SnapShot, I recommend that at this time you go back and pull a new SnapShot to include those elements.


In the View Assets screen, there is a Search Palette button in the top right. This button gives you the ability to put in any element and search throughout the SnapShot for anywhere that the element is used. To give you a more in-depth example I pulled a field from a Custom Object rather than the Opportunity object.


Type in the value you are looking for in the text field and then hit Search. The Search tool will find all of the places where that field is used. In this example, if this was a field I was looking to delete, I would probably need to do more research to find out the use cases behind the Workflows and Triggers where that field is used. This is a critical step in the deletion process as it will help you provide clear reasoning as to why a field could or could not be deleted.

Taking on the task of cleaning up fields on an object can appear to be daunting, but with SnapShot available to you, it can make the process a breeze. Again, decluttering fields both on the backend and the frontend is critical for maintaining a clean and efficient system. Users do not want slow pages and do not want to have to scroll through hundreds of fields to find what they need. Moreover, Admins should not be spending extra time trying to figure out what fields are for or if one already exists, you can quickly end up with duplicated fields this way. SnapShot provides you the reports you need to help maintain the system in a scalable way.

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