What can I do with Lightning Apps?

Lightning Apps in Salesforce are a great tool to have at your disposal for giving your users a streamlined view of the things they need at their fingertips.

As a quick reminder on how to create a Lightning App go to: Setup –> App Manager –> New Lightning App

Here are all of the things you can control using a Lightning App:

1. Have the App present the user only a subset of tabs (you can choose when building the app if they can modify them or not)

Decide if the user can modify or not
Select which Tabs should appear in the app
Check out your App and see the Tabs in action

2. Define the type of navigation you want – console or standard. If you choose a console, you would get an extra step during setup for how you want tabs to behave – either as workspace tabs or subtabs of another object.

Defining the navigation style

3. Define if the app is for Phone, Desktop, or both (form factor)

4. Determine if you want a footer bar (Utility bar) and what you want on it

5. Control which profiles or permission sets have access to the App

Profiles can be selected during setup

To update a permission set, go to the permission set –> Assigned Apps –> select or remove the apps you want to be included

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