Practice your first CPQ Implementation

Introducing for the first time (to my knowledge) a CPQ practice workbook for implementation – a product designed to give you a sample of what a real-world Salesforce CPQ implementation might look like.

Using the same guiding principles as a Trailhead Superbadge, the CPQ practice workbook is structured to provide you with a scenario that emulates something that you would find if you are were working in a CPQ consultancy practice or as a CPQ administrator. In addition, this workbook aims to enable those who do not have access to these types of scenarios but are eager to learn CPQ to really try their hand at understanding the business requirements and appropriately apply a solution.

The workbook not only contains a real-world scenario for you to use as your starting point, but it also gives you insight into how I might react to specific requirements and the types of assumptions or questions that you might need to ask, should the opportunity present itself.

Get the CPQ Implementation Practice Scenario Workbook now!

I have designed this exercise with those starting out in mind. However, I did expect that similar to a Superbadge, you will have completed specific badges before taking this activity on. The recommended badges are noted on the purchase page.

When working through this process, I highly recommend reading the Use Case a few times and annotating for yourself what you believe the requirements to be before moving into the assignment.

The assignment is broken into different sections, much like you would likely break a solution design for a CPQ project. The solution section then mirrors this, including a zip file of the actual data from my practice org and my thoughts as to why I did something a certain way.

I would like to call out that a CPQ project can be handled in more than one way. I have laid out the answers based on my experience as a CPQ architect, but they are not necessarily the only way to achieve the same desired results. In addition, this was written to be an exercise, so there are a lot of assumptions made that you may not otherwise see in the real world. Lastly, I am not a developer, but I do include a couple of classes; please forgive in advance if these are not up to snuff, however, they do reference the material provided by Salesforce as best practice.

With that in mind, enjoy this learning experience. The hope is that those who are joining the CPQ community find a way to gain some hands on action with the system to better their chances at passing the CPQ cert and moving forward with their CPQ career. Please feel free to leave me feedback down below. If this goes well, I hope to bring more of these at different levels to the site.

Get the CPQ Implementation Practice Scenario Workbook now!

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