Benefits of CPQ Amendments and Renewals

Many of the Salesforce instances I work with have employed CPQ Amendments and Renewals and are experiencing the benefits of features that Salesforce provides out of the box. To learn about how to use Amendments and Renewals, please check out these two posts: Opportunity Renewal CreationAmendments and Renewal Quotes On the flip side, many have … Continue reading Benefits of CPQ Amendments and Renewals

The Implications of Changing the Contract Date in CPQ

Recently I was asked whether or not the Contract Date on a non-activated Contract could be changed- specifically the Contract Start Date field. I had been extremely hesitant to say Yes to this change because, in the world of CPQ, dates mean everything, and the Contract Start Date has a lot of power and meaning. … Continue reading The Implications of Changing the Contract Date in CPQ

Understanding Salesforce Multi-Currency Implications

When setting up multi-currency in your org there are some implications that you need to be aware of. When handling the building and testing of multi-currency in the sandbox, make sure to think about the following items: The first thing that you need to do when setting up multi-currency is to activate any additional currencies … Continue reading Understanding Salesforce Multi-Currency Implications